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Maximising ROI from direct mail campaigns has never been easier with our exceptional end-to-end service. Using state-of-the-art software, our specialist team oversee all areas of your direct mail campaigns, including: data management, targeting, design, print and postage.

Our innovative, data-driven approach to direct mail ensures that your message is delivered into the hands of your target audience, amplifying brand recognition, lead generation, and customer acquisition. With a strong focus on your ROI, our team has all the expertise and resources to help your brand thrive.

No matter your industry, whether it’s retail, hospitality, property, healthcare, or public services, we will help plan and execute high-performing direct mail campaigns for your brand. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation direct mail consultation.

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The Benefits of Direct Mail
For Your Brand

Even in the digitalised world, direct mail has long been a proven strategy to build relationships with new and existing customers. With countless messages bombarding consumers each day, few channels can truly make an impact, but direct mail is one of them.

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    Strong ROI - on average, direct mail campaigns delivers a £14 return on investment for every £1 spent.

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    Highly Targeted - reach specific audiences through GDPR-compliant data lists, demographics and geographical regions.

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    Personalised Marketing - speak directly to your audience to build deeper connections and trust with your brand.

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    High Response Rates - 56% of consumers have made a purchase after receiving a piece of direct mail.

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Direct Mail - The Stats

The number’s don’t lie. Direct mail continues to be a powerful medium for both customer acquisition & retention.

£27 Billion

amount of revenue generated by direct mail each year.


growth of direct mail volume over the past 10 years.


received engagement based on Jicmail's Q1 2023 report.

Trusted Partner for Leading Brands

We help fast-growing brands exceed their growth targets using proven offline marketing channels. As a trusted partner for many household brands, we’re one of the leading providers of direct mail advertising within the UK.
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Our Simple, Direct Mail Consultation Process


Discuss Your Requirements

During your free consultation, we will take time to discuss your campaign objectives, target audience and campaign parameters, including volume and print sizes. Following this, you will receive a bespoke direct mail proposal, fully tailored towards exceeding your campaign KPI's and maximising ROI.


Data Cleansing

Accurate data is the foundation behind every successful direct mail program. Our team will help to cleaning and optimise your data helps to ensure that your mailings are going to the right people, at the right address, and with the correct information. By eliminating inaccurate data, we often save our clients £1,000's from their campaigns.


Collateral Design

A well-designed direct mail piece can make a memorable impression on the recipient, increasing the chances of them responding positively to the offer. We can assist throughout the design phase across all types of collateral including brochures, letters, magazines, newsletters and more.


Asset Printing

High quality printing is essential for successful direct mail campaigns. Quality printing ensures that your message stands out and makes a lasting impression on the recipient. Working with our printing houses, we can produce all print sizes including A3, A4, A5, folded mailers and more.


Postage & Measurement

Our reliable delivery partners, including Royal Mail, will send your mailers to your target audience quickly and efficiently, while working within your budget and timeline. Trust us to get the job done right, first time, every time. Following the successful fulfilment of your direct mail campaigns, we will work with you to measure conversions and sale outcomes, and take any learnings into future campaign programs.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Blue Market Media have been an absolute find for us! Not only are they great guys to work with, they’ve helped streamline our whole marketing process – it’s so easy now. Would definitely recommend!


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